I come to tell you all of Him,
And the way to encase Him in your bosom,
And of the discipline that brings his grace.

To those of you who have asked me
To guide you to my Beloved’s presence:
I will warn you through my silently talking mind,
Or speak to you through a gentle significant glance,
Or whisper to you through my love,
Or loudly dissuade you when you stray away from Him.

When you are able no longer to talk to me,
Read my Whispers from Eternity
Eternally through that I will talk to you.
Unknown I will walk by your side
And guard you with invisible arms.

And yet when I am only a dream to you
I will come to remind you that you too are naught
But a dream of my Heavenly Beloved,
And when you know you are a dream, as I know now,
We all will be awake in Him.

From Inner Culture, March 1940. *(excerpts)

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