There is, unquestionably, an important tie between the inner person and the outer person enclosed within the boundaries of the skin, the medium through which “our light shines,” suggesting, as it were, the finishing touch of the Creator. To demonstrate as Its highest capacity, Spirit requires a cleansed, radiant vehicle. Although a lovely skin depends primarily upon spiritual awakening and good health, there are many things one can do to enhance the complexion.


  • Oil, particularly olive oil, has been used as an aid to skin beauty throughout the ages. It is said that chief among Cleopatra’s beauty and rejuvenation secrets was the generous use of olive oil.
  • Combine equal amounts of high quality olive oil and strained lemon juice. The lemon juice assists the oil in penetrating and prevents unseemly hair growth.
  • Almond oil is another excellent facial oil and a good base for powder.
  • Use lemon juice combined with a few drops of olive oil as a bleach for discolorations. Fresh cucumber juice is also excellent for this purpose.
  • Give your skin a daily air bath and sunbath.
  • Take daily friction baths using a rough towel on the entire body.
  • Work up a good perspiration by some sort of exercise. Also, an occasional sweat bath is beneficial.
  • Take a warm shower or bath each night to wash away the accumulated waste of the day, and to allow the skin to breathe during sleep.
  • Take a cool or cold shower in the morning to tone the skin and to help it function properly as a heat regulator.
  • You can make an excellent facial astringent at home. Beat egg white until stiff. Apply it to the face and neck and leave on four or five minutes. Wash off with cool water. After a few applications, notice the effect upon formerly flabby skin
  • Applying oatmeal to the face is soothing, healing, and nourishing. It adds an aliveness and luster like nothing else. Mix whole grain oats with little warm water and let stand until the oats are soft. Then gently massage the mixture over the face for several minutes. Wash off with cool water. You may also use left-over cooked cereal.


  • If the skin is too oily, it is often advisable to discontinue the use of dairy products, for a period at least.
  • Don’t allow your skin to become dry–dry skin wrinkles faster than well-lubricated skin.
  • Don’t take frequent or prolonged hot baths unless expressly for therapeutic purposes. While they do relax, they have a tendency to dry the skin, and are also demagnetizing. Best time to take hot baths is at night.
From the Praecepta Lessons, 1934


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