Thou didst wipe away the soot of indifference
which covered my soul, and it shines with Thy light.
I know now that I am Thy child.

Likewise, enable me to wash all souls with love,
and to behold even the darkest souls as Thy children,
as my very own—as my sleeping brothers.

Through the kindly strength of tolerance, instead
of the weak brutality of force, let me lead all stumbling
and stubborn ones unto Thee.

Thou art eagerly waiting to reveal Thyself whenever
the world wants to emerge from the sea of

Thy silence before an error-steeped world proves
Thy patience and ever-ready forgiveness.

Likewise, soften me with such patience that I shall
ever wait and stand ready to help all truth-forsaken
souls when they wish to awake.

Guide Thou my understanding and powers,
so that I may turn evil, dark minds into sparkling
wisdom rays.

Excerpted from: “Demanding Forgiveness,” Whispers from Eternity, 1949 edition.

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