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From fellow tithers:

“Our story goes back well over one year ago. We were deep in debt and going through some difficult times in our lives, particularly with regards to finances. We contacted Mary Kretzmann in the Healing Prayer Ministry, who provided us with Yogananda’s Material Success Affirmation. My wife and I said that affirmation every day prior to meditation for approximately one year.

“We were also regularly tithing what we could during that time. Over the course of that year, we both got new jobs-—my wife with the federal government, and me with a service oriented sales company. We agreed up front that 10 percent of anything we made would go first to Divine Mother and Master, through our spiritual family at Ananda.

“Over the course of six months, I landed three accounts in succession, from very small to very large. At each step of the way, whenever money was earned, we sent the first 10 percent to Ananda.

“We always had the attitude and frequently stated, “God First.” The large account has brought us more money than we ever dreamed possible and has allowed us to pay off much of our debt. I can honestly say that our greatest joy throughout it all has been in making the donations to Ananda.”

In the testimonial above, the couple “put themselves onto that wavelength on which Master himself functions.” They got new jobs. How? They raised their consciousness. They did this by saying the Material Success Affirmation every day prior to meditation for approximately one year and they tithed regularly what they could.

Scientific Healing Affirmations, 1924 edition: Material Success Affirmation.

By Paramhansa Yogananda

Thou art my Father, Success and joy

I am Thy child, Success and joy

All the wealth of this earth, All the riches of the universe

Belong to Thee, belong to Thee.

I am Thy child, The wealth of earth and universe

Belongs to me, belongs to me

O belongs to me, belongs to me.

I lived in thoughts of poverty, And wrongly fancied I was poor

So I was poor.

Now I am home and Thy consciousness, Has made me wealthy, made me rich.

I am success, I am rich. Thou art my Treasure, I am rich, I am rich.

Thou art everything, Thou art everything

Thou art mine, I have everything, I have everything

I am wealthy, I am rich, I have everything, I have everything

I possess all and everything, Even as Thou dost, even as Thou dost

I possess everything, I possess everything.

Thou art my wealth, I have everything.

Spiritual success consists in contacting Cosmic Consciousness consciously, and in maintaining your peace and poise no matter what irremediable events of life, like death of friends or other bereavement, come to you. In case of the separation of one of your dear ones by the law of Nature, you should not sorrow, but should rather thank God that He gave you the great privilege of tending and befriending and keeping in your charge one of His dear ones. Spiritual success comes by understanding the mystery of all the events of life, and by looking upon all things cheerfully and courageously, with the realization that everything is marching towards the highest goal. Ignorance should be healed by knowledge.

Joy to you!

Dave Bingham

For Ananda’s “Thank You, God” Tithing

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