Divine Love, Thank You, God

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Keshav Bhat, a pious brahmin, wishes to travel to Dwarka, but fears carrying rupees through the robber-infested countryside. “When the Lord of the world,” it is said, “sees His bhaktas in distress, He rushes to their help.” Responding to Keshav Bhat’s prayer, Krishna guides … Read More

Divine Love, Thank You, God

Divine Mother’s Guidance

A hen turkey has arrived just outside my window where the bird feeders hang, five tiny poults clustering around her long red legs. They are so recently hatched that they don’t yet know to scratch and peck for food. The mother rakes the ground with talons the size of her babies. The most adventurous of the poults rushes to the … Read More

Divine Love, Spiritual Community, Thank You, God

Stand Unshaken

Our Master has urged us to become so inwardly strong and centered that we “stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds”—not only that we stand unshaken, but that, whatever tests may come, we pour out vibrations of love and joy. We have made it a spiritual practice this year, as a worldwide family of disciples of Yoganandaji, to bless … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Divine Love


I was once a part of a team writing spiritual curriculum for children and had the fascinating assignment of writing the story for the Easter lesson (read the story). It was fascinating and challenging because I was asked not to refer to the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. This group took a more scholarly approach to the life of Christ … Read More

Divine Love, Thank You, God

O God Beautiful

Ninety years ago Paramhansa Yogananda inspired three thousand New Yorkers in Carnegie Hall to chant “O God Beautiful” for one hour and twenty-five minutes. Recently we gathered to follow our Master’s example — to celebrate the presence of God in nature, in the human heart, in service and devotion. To Arjuna, Krishna proclaims, “I am the true Self dwelling in … Read More

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Picking Up Branches

Dear friend, Next door to our family farm lived our second-grade teacher. Mrs. Bailey was large, comfortable, motherly, and welcoming. As a teacher and as a person she inspired respect, and even more, love—the sort of love that looked for ways to express itself in some good service that would bring forth her approving smile. She could have walked out … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Divine Love

Divine Mother’s Smile

God can come to us in many ways—as an answer to a sincere prayer, as the warmth of deep friendship, as a sense of benediction in a sacred moment, and sometimes as the Divine Playmate, playing hide-n-seek, reminding us of Her presence. So, was there a divine message, I wondered, when one day earlier this year, 15 feet up a … Read More

Divine Love, Thank You, God

The Christmas Mystery

Dear Friend, Even as small children we were gathered up, still asleep, and carried to the midnight Christmas Eve service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Somewhere between wakefulness and dreaming, standing with our heads about level with a forest of adult knees, we watched, awestruck, as the crèche scene came to life. Over our heads we heard the minster’s sonorous, … Read More

Divine Love, Thank You, God

Give Yourself Into My Hands!

Dear Friend, Last Thanksgiving, a friend and gurubhai of more than forty-five years suddenly left his body—going out as Master himself chose to do, of a heart attack. His passing brought us together in celebration of his life in God. From his first moment in Swami Kriyananda’s presence, in 1969, this one was on fire for God. His old life … Read More