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How Yogananda Saw Divine Mother

Nayaswami Maria
May 12, 2019

Watch this beautiful story shared by Nayaswami Maria during her Sunday Service at at Ananda Village.


Nayaswami Maria:

But Yogananda didn't... he didn't speak of a particular form. He said he was once out in the desert in Southern California near Palm Springs and he would have walked up into the canyon there and and he sat down and he wrote a poem a song to divine mother, "Mother, I Give You My Soul Call." For those of most of you will know that perhaps.

And he said immediately when he finished writing that he said the sky opened up and divine mother appeared. But again, he didn't give that form image, you know, a concrete image that our heart might yearn after just to hold on to that in a personal way.

He said everything was... Her form was radiant light, everything was radiant light and She was radiant in the trees and radiant in the plants and radiant in the landscape and it was just light, divine mother's light and consciousness everywhere.

And so that's how he...that's how he spoke of Her and in so doing called us to also try to be an expression of those qualities beyond the form that reside within each one of us: unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion.