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Accomplish Everything with God's Power within You

Nayaswami Maria
April 24, 2022

Nayaswami Maria shares this beautiful inspiration during her Sunday Service talk at Ananda Village, April 24th 2022. You can find the complete talk here.


Yogananda said there is more energy in a single gram of flesh than it takes to run the city of Chicago for a week in electricity. And I would bet if he was here today in the body, Chicago's a much better, bigger city, to be sure. But I bet he would say the same thing. I bet he would. Because in that divine reality there are no limits.

And the other part of that sentence, which you don't hear as much, he said, "...And yet you imagine you are powerless to meet the handful of challenges that life brings you."

So you are this divine power. It's latent within you, and yet you think you can't do it. You think you can't realize that; you think you can't get to the goal. There are all these goals out there for us spiritually, and I suspect all of us at some time or another distance ourselves a little bit not meaning—we don't mean to, but we think we're not capable. We think we can't do it; we think we wouldn't have the energy or the talent or the ability to pull it off.

But one of those first lessons was simply say yes: say yes to that which you think can't be, to that which you think isn't possible, to that which you think... and even think you know you cannot do, but say yes. Say yes anyway, and try to do it.

It's fundamental to our discipleship. It's fundamental to anyone who is seeking spiritually, who is seeking to grow, seeking to be bigger, not in an egoic way, but more of expression, more of an expression of the soul, of one's true nature. And it takes a tremendous amount of energy to realize all that.