A New Tomorrow

From Swami Kriyananda’s Oratorio “Christ Lives”. Lyrics When the dawn breaks, and then the morning Sends the sun high in the sky, Who would hide from heaven’s glory? Who would pass the challenge by? There’s a morning for every nation, When the sun’s high in the sky: There’s a time for every people To affirm their destiny! Even so, all … Read More

Ever New Joy

One of Paramhansa Yogananda’s most beloved chants, performed by Ramesha Nani at Ananda Village.

Yogananda Kirtan

We honor the 100th anniversary year of Yogananda’s arrival in America this weekend. Our Kirtan tonight features chants of Yogananda and a brief discussion of how he brought a whole new concept of chanting to the world with his arrival in America. With Dharmadas and Nirmala, Center leaders of Ananda Sacramento.

Many Hands Make a Miracle

Watch the Ananda Virtual Choir as they perform one of Swami Kriyananda’s most beloved theme songs – “Many Hands Make a Miracle”. Lyrics: Many hands make a miracle: Let’s all join hands together! Life on earth is so wonderful When people laugh and dance and struggle as friends: Then all their dreams achieve their ends. Many hands make a miracle: … Read More

I Will Always Think of Thee

Sing this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda with the Ananda Virtual Choir Lyrics 1. Every morning when I greet the sun, When I move forth through crowded ways, In my heart, Lord, ever so silently, I will always think of Thee! 2. When I laugh, O, and when I cry with pain, When my best friends misunderstand. In my heart, … Read More

Cherish These

Watch this beautiful rendition of “Cherish These” by Swami Kriyananda with the Ananda Village choir. Recorded April 24th 2020. Lyrics: Is there anywhere on earth, Perfect freedom, sorrow’s dearth, Selfless friendship, blameless birth? Cherish these, naught else has worth. anandamusic.org