Life Is the Quest for Joy

Composition by Swami Kriyananda. One melody, with variations, hauntingly describes the human condition: love, hope, aspiration, courage, disappointment, and sorrow all directed toward life’s universal goal: joy. This is a new kind of music: in the tradition of classical music, but not constrained by classical structures. Transcending the emotions and the intellect, it uplifts the mind to a level of … Read More

Dance of the Woodland Devas

Watch this beautiful dance by Ananda members during Thursday night’s concert at Ananda’s 50th anniversary celebration. The song “Woodland Devas” is composed by Swami Kriyananda. Recorded in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village.

A Concert of the Music of Swami Kriyananda

Thursday night concert during Ananda’s 50th anniversary celebration, with Ananda’s international choir, instrumental pieces and dance. Performed in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village. Program: Brave Were the People Brothers (Fratelli) Life Is Beautiful Channels Quando mi sveglio (I Will Always Think of Thee) Life Is a Dream Home Is a Green Hill I Live Without Fear Cloisters Invocation … Read More


Sung by Swami Kriyananda, in a concert in Germany approx. 1980. Lyrics: Peace gave us the mountains. Peace gave us the sky. Nightly, when starlight enfolds us, Peace is its lullaby. Amen. Amen. Peace gave us the morning. Peace gave us the sun. B ird songs that call us to welcome Day, and fresh labors begun. Amen. Amen. Peace gave … Read More


Sung by Swami Kriyananda, in a concert in Germany approx. 1980. Lyrics: I’ve lived in many countries And mixed with many men. I’ve shared their days of sunshine, Gone with them in the rain. The fires at evening said we were brothers. The fires at evening said we were— Brothers! A soldier I saw weeping Beside a dying friend. My … Read More

How Shall I Love Thee

A chant composed by Swami Kriyananda, chanted by members of Ananda Mumbai and Ananda Pune.

O Master

Song dedicated to Paramhansa Yogananda, sung by the Ananda Village Choir during Yogananda’s Mahasamadhi celebration March 7th, 2019. Lyrics: O Master, may Thy joy fill our days. O Master, may Thy wisdom guide our ways. The time has come for us to see That there’s but one reality Upon the earth and high above: The truth that all was made … Read More