Someday (By Swami Kriyananda)

Lyrics: Someday, friend, we’ll all be free: Loose these chains, someday! When the hidden light we see, Veiled within earth’s clay. He alone is a prisoner whose thoughts have been bound. He alone can escape this cage, Who wisdom has found. Someday, friend, the darkness will flee: God will be ours someday! ABOUT SWAMI KRIYANANDA In 1948 at the … Read More

Chanting: Experience the Divine

Bring your energy inward and successfully combat sadness, anxiety, confusion, loss, and anything that takes you away from your center. Feel the Divine in a tangible way, open your heart and attune your soul to something higher and know that you are a part of all that is. Join us every Thursday as we delve bit by bit into uncovering … Read More

Ananda Music and Consciousness: Part One

Yogananda said, “Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe.” It’s the easiest way to realize God of the eight ways that He is experienced. Why is this? The answer is that we ourselves ARE vibration, created from the “Word of God,” the vibration of AUM that permeates every atom of cream. We all have preferences and … Read More

Ananda Music, Part 3: The Importance of Attunement

“Attunement” is essential on the spiritual path, and we can become “in tune” through devotion and love. Nirmala explains how both Swami Kriyananda’s and Paramhansa Yogananda’s music help us, in a painless and easy way, to get in tune with their vibration of joy and spiritual consciousness.

Ananda Music, Part 1: Why Does Music Affect Us?

Creation was manifested through the vibration of AUM, and even though matter is condensed vibration, and as such appears to be solid, we are still, at heart, essentially vibration. Music, as pure vibration resonates with us at the heart of our being.

Christ Is Risen

Composed by Swami Kriyananda, performed by the Ananda Worldbrotherhood Choir in Palo Alto, 2008. Lyrics Christ is ris’n this Easter morn: Thus our lives to joy are born! He from death is ever free: In his life e’en so are we! Gone all our darkness, Vanished forever! In our souls Thy light we see. Gone our delusions, Clear now our … Read More

You Remain Our Friend

Composed by Swami Kriyananda, performed by the Ananda Worldbrotherhood Choir in Palo Alto, 2008. Lyrics When we need You, You descend, Seeking grieving hearts to mend. By hate unaffected, You remain our Friend. On a cross rejected, Doomed to meet a shameful end, Still, with love perfected, You remain our Friend. Choir: Long we feared to face Your love, Lest … Read More

Palm Sunday

Composed by Swami Kriyananda, performed by the Ananda World Brotherhood Choir in Palo Alto, California 2008. Lyrics Sing out Hosanna to the son of David! Blessed, he that cometh in the name of God. Sing out Hosanna in the highest. Sing Hosanna to the Lord!

Christ Lives! An Illustrated Oratorio

Christ Lives! An Illustrated Oratorio with photography and music by Swami Kriyananda Welcome and thank you for joining us for our annual performance of Swami Kriyananda’s Oratorio, Christ Lives! This version of Christ Lives! includes footage from a 2008 performance of the Oratorio in Palo Alto, California, together with a slideshow of photographs by Swami Kriyananda. Swami describes how the … Read More