I Passed My Life as a Stranger, Lord

A beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda, sang by Dambara Begley with tambura accompaniment by Pavani Johnson. Recorded December 31st 2023 in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village. Lyrics: 1. I’ve passed my life as a stranger, Lord. Roamed far in foreign lands: Far, Lord, far too far! Only he who knows he’s far from home, Only he, Lord, understands. … Read More

Tauhara Retreat~Evening Concert~ Music of Swami Kriyananda

Recorded in New Zealand. Join us for a delightful evening of music at the Tauhara Retreat Evening Concert. You’ll experience a mix of enchanting songs Discover hidden lyrics to instrumental songs by Swami Kriyananda, turning them into a treasure trove of meaningful melodies. Be serenaded with soulful tunes inspired by the beauty of God’s green earth and the harmony of … Read More

Guide Me, Lord (Children Song by Swami Kriyananda)

Sung by Dambara Begley in October 2022, in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village Lyrics: 1. Guide me, Lord, throughout this day; In all I do, in all I say. Tell me when I go astray; Hold me in Thy light. 2. Help me see that happiness Comes not with wanting more, but less. Teach me all my friends … Read More

Kirtan of Joy (Chants by Yogananda, Kriyananda and India)

Beautiful and uplifting kirtan at Ananda Village, recorded on June 27th during Spiritual Renewal Week 2022. Introduction by storyteller extraordinaire Murali Venkatrao. Chants: – O God Beautiful (Paramhansa Yogananda, Cosmic Chants 1938) – Lord When in Darkness (Swami Kriyananda) – He Bhagavan (Traditional Indian) – Lord, I Am Thine (Swami Kriyananda) – Ever New Joy (Paramhansa Yogananda, Cosmic Chants 1938) … Read More

Ananda Music — With Dambara Begley

The ANANDA MUSIC ORAL HISTORY VIDEOS capture the essence of living and sharing the music of Ananda. Listen to longtime devotee musicians share their stories and remembrances of spiritual lessons learned from working on the songs and chants of Swami Kriyananda and Paramhansa Yogananda. Dambara Begley has enjoyed singing, playing and sharing Swami Kriyananda’s music since shortly after he arrived … Read More

Guided Meditation: Finding the Joy within You

Dambara Begley leads a 15-minute guided meditation to help you find your joy within you. He is a longtime meditator and teacher at Ananda. Transcript Dambara Begley: Hello, friends, my name is Dambara Begley. And I’d love to meditate with you. So let’s do a guided meditation. And we’re going to focus on Joy. Joy is our nature. Bliss is … Read More