The Christmas Mystery

We wish you Happy Christmas from Ananda with this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda, “The Christmas Mystery”. Many blessings! The Christmas Mystery Long ago there was a little shed. There three mighty kings did bow their heads To a gentle babe of low degree, Whom men called the son of Mary. Who’ll tell to me this mystery: How a tiny … Read More

Where Has My Love Gone? ( A Mystical Love Song)

Sung by Swami Kriyananda, in a concert in Germany approx. 1980. Lyrics: 1. Where has my love gone? Long are the nights, Now that she’s left me, Dimmed my delights. Where is my love, friend? Passed she this way? Saw you her smile? Ah! What did she say? Ah! Passed she here? My sweetheart, passed she here? 2. Sweet was … Read More