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Mother of Wisdom — 2023 Oratorio "Christ Lives" by Swami Kriyananda

November 9, 2023


Mother of wisdom, mercy and grace,
Grant us Thy vision, grant us Thy peace.
Our love receive, though blindly we pray;
Silently guide our thoughts when we stray.

How many years, so proud of our wisdom,
Turning from God, we’ve wandered alone!
So many years we’ve boasted but madness!
Now our souls call Thee: Make us Thy own.

🎵 Embark on a soul-touching journey with "Christ Lives: An Oratorio," a captivating live performance featuring a small choir of approximately thirty singers from the serene Ananda Village in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

🌄 📅 The enchanting oratorio unfolded within the sacred Temple of Light at Ananda Village, gracing the ears of a captivated audience in April 2023. Notably, this performance holds special significance as the entire oratorio, in all its glory and magnificence, was included without any omissions.

🎶 To understand the profound context of this masterpiece, let's travel back to 1983 when Swami Kriyananda embarked on a personal pilgrimage. Deeply inspired by the living presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Land, Swami Kriyananda was moved to write a complete oratorio — "Christ Lives." This musical narrative beautifully unfolds the life of Jesus, offering a deeply inspiring experience.

🔍 Fast forward to the 2023 rendition of "Christ Lives," and witness a new and refreshing direction. This performance is driven solely by the pure essence of the music itself, without the need for a director. Emerging from the challenges posed by the pandemic, this approach reflects the lessons learned during these trying times, allowing the choir to connect more deeply with the music, infusing it with a profound and authentic expression.

👂 The overwhelming feedback from both performers and the audience has been resoundingly positive. The absence of a director and the complete inclusion of the oratorio's pieces have resulted in a more focused and powerful expression of the music. "Christ Lives" has been reborn in 2023, a testament to the enduring spirit of artistic excellence and the profound connection between music, faith, and community at Ananda Village.

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