Can I Achieve My Spiritual Goals?


Hello, I tried chakra balancing, it was good experience, I was happy every moment after balancing and I was not aware of my problems and goals, So my question is If I am happy every moment and not aware of my goals, what about reaching my goals??

—Reddy, India


Dear Reddy,

Lahiri Mahasaya of Benares would say to students: “Banat, banat ban jai!” Doing, doing, soon…done! Think of body building or sports training: you just have to keep up the routine and not try to second guess the consequences. On both material and spiritual goals, Krishna’s counsel remains the best: “be non-attached to the results and goals.” You have found something that brings you inner peace so for the time being let that practice (chakra balancing) be your chintamani (your doorway). Yogananda was once asked: “When does spiritual seeking end?” His reply: “No end. You go on until you achieve endlessness.”

What else could it be if God, truth, reality is infinite? Live now in the calm center of your being. There isn’t any other reality anyway, is there?

Though don’t get stuck in thinking you have arrived with that one technique. Prana (energy) is intelligent and has as its source divine consciousness. It can be your inner guide. While best to have a true guru, even that you cannot create by your mind, only by the magnetic influence of your sincere effort and attitude.

Think of your “goals” as with acclimating to high altitudes. The technique is to go up; stay; return down. Repeat with longer and longer stays up and gradually going higher and higher. Your goals will emerge as you “bathe” in this peace longer, deeper, guru-given meditation. In time your consciousness will stay at the higher altitude longer and longer. As your consciousness unfolds, perhaps new techniques or experiences will emerge to show the way.

Ban Jai!

Nayaswami Hriman