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Soul Mates and the Journey to Perfection

Rightly understood, the search for the soul mate is a demanding and ultimately divinely rewarding path to freedom. The merging of twin souls leads finally to transcendence of their separate egos and a perfecting of their love in God.

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Refreshing Our Love

Every so often, Divine Mother blesses our lives with something that opens wide the door of our hearts. My earliest memories of awakening in Love are with my mother. Though I knew nothing of higher states of consciousness, the love that was poured into me through my mother seemed to bring me into an immensely enjoyable and secure state of … Read More

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When My Dream’s Dream is Done — The Blessing of a Friend’s Passing

It was last August when we watched our dear friend Andy Lyon make his transition into the world beyond this one. I have seen death in this life only from a distance in the way of great grandparents, family friends, bygone pets, and jaded celebrities. But what a powerful and enlightening experience it can be when the soul is one … Read More

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Impatience: An Obstacle on the Spiritual Path

Impatience is an obstacle on the spiritual path. It creates leaks in one’s flow of energy, leaving too little power at the end of the wire for constructive use.

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Reminiscences of Swami Kriyananda

Gita originally wrote this on April 22nd, 2013, the day after Swami Kriyananda’s passing. She grew up at Ananda Village in California while Swamiji was living there. My spiritual guide and friend in God, Swami Kriyananda, passed away on Saturday night at 11pm PST. It almost feels embarrassing or ego-centered to recognize how incredibly fortunate I have been to know Swami since … Read More

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Expanding Love in Marriage

I want to share a hard-won lesson that has recently clarified for me. I have by no means perfected this one, but it’s been a profound journey and I hope that by sharing it here the value of that lesson can expand to help someone else. It’s about love… true love. There are lots of theories about love; what it … Read More

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Being Gay at Ananda

When the Supreme Court heard arguments in two same-sex marriage cases this March, Facebook surged with expressions of solidarity, some from Ananda folk. Rachel Andersen superimposed an equals sign over her profile picture, prompting me to say “thanks.” “It just makes sense,” she said. Bhagavati equated gay marriage with the civil rights movement. “You don’t know how much that means … Read More

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Paramhansa Yogananda’s Spiritual Family

The stronger the family, spiritually speaking, the greater its attractive pull on new souls that may still be wandering in search of an identity of their own.

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How Can We Love Everyone?

All of us are products of God’s bliss. How could anyone not want—each according to his own understanding—to reclaim that bliss?

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A Birthday Gift

Today was my birthday and was filled with such love from friends and family. As this strange world would have it, it has also been six months to the day since my dad passed away, so naturally it has also been a tender time of remembrance. My mind drifted back to this day last year. Dad had been in severe … Read More