Letters of Encouragement

If we understand that, by loving, it is God’s love we express, He will surely flow through any barrier we erect of ego and self-interest, and uplift significantly the consciousness of the world.

Letters of Encouragement

In my relationship with Master, I have found that I’m the most in tune with him when I don’t have the thought of what I’m getting from him, but dwell rather in the thought of what I’m giving to him.

Letters of Encouragement

Divine friendship is something one rarely encounters in the world, where everyone seems to want only to justify his own actions and character.

Life is Precious

A friend of mine died two weeks ago. He was my closest friend during high school, and was planning to visit me at Ananda Village today.

Entering the Aura of Swami Kriyananda

This evening I went to the Crystal Hermitage to gather some recording equiptment for a kirtan, and was dynamically engulfed in the aura of Swami Kriyananda. He lives downstairs, and I didn’t get a chance to greet him, but his aura permeated my whole being, making me smile with such sweet joy. I go to the Crystal Hermitage quite a … Read More

Prayer Vigil for Swami Kriyananda

Votive candle in flower-like glass On May 29th, a prayer vigil began at Ananda Village, inspired by the two that were recently held at Ananda Assisi.

Letters of Encouragement

The modern mind — especially the modern American mind — thinks that bigger is better. Why should this be so? There is no rivalry in God.

Letters of Encouragement

Illness has its challenges (as you well know), but at the moment of death itself, though, there’s no pain at all.

Developing Impersonal Love

Impersonality, when rightly understood, means to love others for their own good rather than one’s own.

Letters of Encouragement

Human love is fulfilling only when it is self-giving, not grasping, and seeks fulfillment in the joy of another.