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Ananda Yoga Instructional Videos – Padahastasana (Jacknife Pose)

Ananda Yoga brings yoga back to its original spiritual essence. Above all, it seeks to raise your level of consciousness by reinforcing the natural effects the yoga. Ananda Yoga includes: *Asana (yoga postures) *Pranayama (breathing and energy-control techniques) *Yogic meditation techniques *Applied yoga philosophy What Is the Practice Like? Yoga posture practice in Ananda Yoga® is gentle for beginning students, … Read More

Focus on the Poses, Yoga Postures

Power Yoga — Ananda-Style!

A few years ago, I mentioned to Gyandev McCord (Director of Ananda Yoga) that there were a lot of power yoga classes in my area, and that I was “subbing” (substitute teaching) for these classes occasionally, as I still do. He wondered how that was working, because he knew that I practice and teach Ananda Yoga, which is very different from power yoga. When I … Read More

Focus on the Poses, Yoga Postures

Tadasana, the Standing Mountain Pose

If you were going to develop an affirmation for tadasana, what would it be? On what quality would you focus? Why not go into the pose right now and think about it for a moment? Is it groundedness? We’ve all heard yoga teachers focus on using tadasana to get grounded, become stable, connect with the earth, etc. Certainly some people … Read More

Focus on the Poses, Yoga Postures

Forward and Backward Bends

Question #1: Is it physically safe to round the lumbar spine in a forward bend? Just for fun, I surveyed a number of experienced yoga teachers, physical therapists, chiropractors and an osteopath. Their responses agreed with what we’ve been teaching, i.e., it’s okay to round the spine in the surrender phase, provided: The spine is healthy to begin with. Injured spines (discs, … Read More