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How to Stay Calm Under Pressure: Spiritual Yoga for Calmness

There is a need for yoga and the ability to stay calm under the pressure of ever-increasing challenges — now more than ever. Join Gyandev in this spiritual yoga video episode for postures to reduce anxiety, build the immune system, and regain a sense of calm despite outer circumstances. Gain access to Gyandev’s full Ananda Yoga series online. ___ ABOUT … Read More

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20-Minute Ananda Yoga Routine

Practice this uplifting yoga routine with experienced teacher Melody Hansen, recorded in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills at Ananda Village.


Be Calmly Active and Actively Calm

Many years ago I came across an intriguing quote from the great woman saint of India, Ananda Moyi Ma, in which she was commenting on Hatha Yoga, describing it as “doing by force.” At first, I was taken aback and definitely puzzled. Her description seemed to have very little to do with what I had presumed about Hatha Yoga, especially … Read More

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Contentment: The Golden Note

Happy New Year! Do you find this wish pleasing, if somewhat shallow? Indeed, it’s a common seasonal wish, but one that is often empty of content, a social custom, habitually repeated millions of times over the festive season. Together as Daily Meditators, however, let’s charge these words “Happy New Year” with power and meaning, with intention and truth. 2018 has … Read More

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How Yoga Will Save the World

We cannot overcome today’s challenges by meeting them at the level that they exist, we must rise above them to find superconscious solutions. I spent the last fifteen years working for humanitarian organizations, striving to provide education, dignity, and opportunity to disenfranchised populations around the world. Progress in the realm of the human condition has been incredible since the Millennium … Read More

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30-Day Energization Challenge

Dear Friend, Think about it: Whatever method of meditation you practice, your results depend on two factors: your level of prana (energy, life force), and your ability to channel that prana in the right direction. For example, if your practice calls for concentration — on the breath, a mantra, a spiritual quality, a scriptural passage, a candle flame, or even energy itself — it’s … Read More