159. Demand to Be Fed with the Cosmic Rays

I entered my temple of silence. Seated with a straight spine, I switched off the dazzling, diverting light of energy animating my sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. I commanded my breath to cease its cleansing work in the body and make no noise. I ordered my heart to suspend its dictatorship over my myriad body cells, forcing them to eat the blood it sends them. I sat still and listened.

Then, Mother, I heard the soft approach of Thy footsteps. Thou didst come, bearing an over owing chalice of life‐sustaining, spiritual rays.

Sustain me evermore, O Divine Mother, with Thy rays of life-giving Light! The heart, cells, brains, and thoughts of this body— Thy body, not mine — will waste no longer with decay. Lo! they are now immortal with Thy everlasting life.


160. Demand for the Cure of the Anger Habit