O Spirit, Father, save me from the fever‐attacks of anger that have burned my brain, stressed my nerves, and poisoned my very blood. O Father, when I am tempted to be angry, place before me a mirror of introspection; let me see my face then, distorted and ugly with wrath. Father, as I don’t like to be seen disfigured, let me not show myself before others with a face made repulsive by wrath.

Father, help me to dissolve this anger like a lump of earth cast into a lake. Want of self‐control only makes me, and others also, shudder with misery. Bless me, that I may never injure the love I bear others, and their love for me, with selfish knife‐thrusts of vexation.

Bless me, that I feed not my anger with more anger. Teach me how to cure any wounds it inflicts by applying the salve of self-respect and the balsam of kindness. Command every storm of anger that arises suddenly to pause ere it breaks, lest it engulf my mind. Help me to see only kindness reflected in my mental lake. Why disturb those calm waters with blasts of disharmony, producing only misery and useless agitation?

Show me, Father, that even my self‐appointed worst enemy is still my brother, and that Thou lovest him even as Thou lovest me.


161. Demand to Be Able to Conquer Fear