160. Demand for the Cure of the Anger Habit

O Spirit, Father, save me from attacks of the fever of wrath, which burn my brain, shock my nerves, and poison my blood.

O Father, when I am angry, place before me my mirror of introspection, wherein I shall behold my face made horrid and ugly by my wrath. Father, I do not like to be seen with a disfigured face, so do not let me make my appearance before others with a wrath-wrecked countenance.

Father, teach me to dissolve this anger, which makes me and others so unhappy and miserable. Bless me, that I may never soil by selfish vexation the love of those whom I love and who love me.

Bless me, so that I shall not feed my anger by allowing myself to become still more angry. Teach me to cure anger-wounds by the salve of self-respect and the balsam of kindness. Command the lake of my kindness ever to remain undisturbed by the waves of misery-making anger-storms.

Make me know, O Father, that even my worst enemy is still my brother and that Thou lovest him, even as Thou lovest me.


161. Demand to Be Able to Conquer Fear