161. Demand to Be Able to Conquer Fear

Infinite Spirit, teach me to comprehend the utter uselessness of being afraid. Help me to remember that death, if it must come, does not come twice; and that when it does occur, through the mercifulness of nature, I shall not know of it nor care. Thus, I need not tremble at the thought of death.

Teach me not to paralyze my nerves by the dread of any imagined accident, and thus invite it to happen in reality.

Bless me, that I do not through fear anaesthetize my unlimited power, as Thy child, to overcome the tests and trials of life. Make me know that whether I am awake or asleep, alert or dreaming, Thine all-protecting presence encircles me.

Make me feel that, though I may be in a strong, man-made castle and clad in armor, I am vulnerable to disease, earthquake and accident if I am without Thee, but that, though I walk where bullets fly or bacteria abound, I am protected behind the battlements of everlasting safety if Thou art with me.


162. Demand for Control of the Unruly Senses