162. Demand for Control of the Unruly Senses

O Spirit, let not my insatiable sense-cravings be fed with wrong actions. Teach me to discipline them, that they may want only my true happiness. If my senses become unruly, teach me to govern them with the rod of non-cooperation with their desires, and to feed them only with wholesome activity.

As electricity can either illumine or destroy a building, so human power can glorify or devastate a life. Let me, then, learn to govern wisely the finite forces Thou hast entrusted to me, so that each possession with two-fold potency may be used for good only.

Let the greedy flames of my many desires destroy even their own dross in the white heat of Thy wisdom.

Let me, O Spirit, co-operate with Thy will, harmoniously playing my little note, doing my little deed, singing my little song — until all of my unruly senses conform joyously to the harmony of Thy plan.

Let sense-craving be transmuted into soul-craving. And, O Spirit, let me feel the rod of Thy discipline if ever I stray senseward, from the path of Thy desire!


163. Make Me Feel That Everything Is Joy