O Spirit, let me not feed my insatiable sense‐cravings with further wrong deeds. Teach me to discipline myself that I think always in terms of my true happiness. If my senses become unruly, teach me to govern my will not to cooperate with them and their desires; to feed them only wholesome acts.

As electricity can either illuminate or destroy a building, so human power can either glorify or devastate a life. Let me learn, then, to govern wisely the nite forces Thou hast entrusted to me, that each of them, with this two‐fold potency, be directed only toward the good.

Let the greedy flames of all my desires consume their own dross not by self‐indulgence, but self‐offering into the white heat of Thy wisdom.

Teach me, O Spirit, to cooperate with Thy will, to perform every duty harmoniously, and to sing the one, little song Thou hast given me to sing, until all my unruly senses learn to join happily in full harmony with Thy cosmic plan.

Let the rivulets of all my sense‐cravings be transmuted into the one mighty river of soul‐craving. And, O Spirit, spare not Thy rod of discipline, if ever I stray again toward the senses and away from my true path of craving for Thee!


163. Make Me Feel That Everything Is Joy