In the dawn of awakening, I beheld dewdrops of repentance gathered and resting on Thy many‐petaled lotus‐feet. In those dear dewdrops my soul cleansed itself in the waters of pity, and caused my despondency to be dispelled by showers of Thy blessing.

May the petals of all our past, present, and future karmas— born in the dawn of our first appearance in human bodies, busily active in the noon of our intense worldly involvements, and drooping sadly in the night of our growing disillusionment with this world—may all open up to reveal the tenderness of Thine ever‐present love and compassion.

Lord! I ask this of Thee: Bury seeds of Thy blessings in the prayer‐prepared soil of my heart; then let them grow into plants of divine realization, bearing fruits of infinite happiness in Thee.


169. I Want to Know That Thou Wilt Be Mine