I care not if, in the destruction of my desires, I must shatter my very self—jostling through sextillions of lives, and undergoing again and again the throes of birth and the pangs of death! I can endure all suffering so long as, at the end of it, I attain my supreme goal: oneness with Thy bliss.

What care I if I leave behind mangled heaps of my fleshly forms, broken by my struggles to reach Thee?

I offer all my earthly happiness in exchange for Thy joy. I renounce all elusive joys for eternal freedom in Thy joy. Thy bliss alone is mine, alone is mine.

Oh! Tell me clearly that Thou wilt surely be mine! I can wait patiently, then, a hundred thousand years as if they were but a day.
Tell me—wilt Thou be mine?


170. Teach Me to Drown in Thy Light and Live