I found myself suffocating in the dark vapors of worldly ambition as my vessel sailed over life’s seas. Fearful of dying in delusion, I sought out and boarded the submarine of deep dedication, and dove deep into my inner self. In the silent depths of Thy consciousness I saw, at first shimmering before me, a light which spoke to me of fulfillments never before dreamed of.

Diving deeper still, the submarine of my mind moved into astral seas—so rarely plumbed!—in search of Thee. Suddenly, probing with searchlight vision, my soul‐submarine found itself in a new universe! I was surrounded on all sides by a mystic, aming radiance. Overwhelmed by Thy supernal blessings, I beheld and reveled in Thy presence everywhere.


173. Bless Me, That I May Know That I Am Dreaming, While I Think That I Am Awake