173. Bless Me, That I May Know That I Am Dreaming, While I Think That I Am Awake

As we rest, and wake a little, to slumber again — so from beneath the cover of fleeting dreams of birth and death we rise for a while and fall asleep again, and dream another earthly dream of struggle.

On the sleigh of incarnations, we slide from dream to dream. Dreaming, on a chariot of astral fire, we roll from life to life. Dreaming, we pass through dreams, failures, victories. Dreaming, we sail over trying seas, eddies of laughter, whirlpools of indifference, waters of mighty events, deaths, births — dreams.

It was only in Thee that I awoke!

And then I knew that I had been dreaming, while I thought I was awake.


174. I Locked My Sacred Aspirations in My Soul-Vault