174. I Locked My Sacred Aspirations in My Soul-Vault

My finiteness has slumbered, cradled in the arms of Thine infinite perception. The noisy pleasures have quieted down at the sound of Thy softly-treading feet of peace.

I awoke and waited.

Whistling elations, soul-melodies, chant-buds, burst out to welcome Thy majesty, O King Silence, approaching my peace-decked throne.

Darkness-hidden, diamond-chips of broken dreams, dimly glittered in the flash of Thy visit.

I removed my sacred aspirations and all the priceless bonds between Thee and me, which lay so long locked in the vault of my memory, and cashed them into love’s invaluable gold. With this, I would build Thee a secret, ever-enduring temple within my soul, wherein will rest Thy throne of peace.


175. Dance in Me Thy Dance of Infinity