O Mother Divine, I have learned to love Thy dance of destruction! For I see, now, that what is destroyed is my own ignorance and folly!

Thou hast shattered again and again with Thy war‐dance of destruction my fragile cage of bones and flesh, and consigned it to crematory flames. Thou hast done so smilingly, to show me and everyone that our souls are ever free, and cannot be burned or broken.

With Thy mercy Thou hast stripped away—sometimes, seemingly with harshness, but always with loving purpose—the countless hardened, mud‐encrusted covers of delusion that coated us.

I appreciate, now, Thy dance of devastation, Mother! Together let us cremate my every desire, frailty, weakness, and finitude, forever and ever. I’ll join Thee, laughing, in Thy dance of evil’s destruction.

O Mother, since nothing more is left, now, of my finiteness for Thee to destroy, dance in me Thy Dance of infinity and of cosmic love!


176. We Are Thy Burned Children, Wailing for Thy Help