I care not if the shells of trials scream around me. And I pay little heed to salvo‐shots fired in my honor. I mind not if machine‐guns of mischief are aimed at me to riddle me: for when Thou art with me, I am safe behind the ramparts of Thy protective light. Without Thee, however, I would never be safe, even in the most impregnable fortress, constructed by the best skills modern science can supply. I try never to rouse the wrath of others whose tempers are fiery. No matter how they respond, however, I know that, when I relax inwardly in Thee, no one’s anger with me can ever touch me.

Bless me that I may heal the shrapnel wounds of disharmony in the lives of others. Teach me to drive out darkness from their minds, and to prepare them for Thy triumphal coronation in their hearts, O King Light.

Bless me, that I may bring a salve of sweet smiles to all melancholy souls: soothing showers to revive dry, arid minds; sentries of light to banish from their consciousness all the thieves of gloom; nectar of peace to all sorrow‐parched hearts; and the glow of kindness to dispel dark cruelty everywhere.

Teach me to subdue discord by calm waves of my own harmony. Teach me to conquer insincerity with sincerity. Bless me, that I may overcome any habit of idle criticism of others by turning censure against myself, instead.

And teach me, finally, to give the nectar‐opiate of Thy peace to all tormented minds, that they may find rest in Thee.


181. Baptize the Bubbles of My Blood and Flesh in the Flood of Thy Grace