I was first baptized at the font of this material world. Parental heritage gave me my body. The milk from my mother’s breasts baptized me to the feel of flesh. Cloud‐born rains, mountain springs, and meadow‐nurtured food made me dependent on earth’s sustenance.

My imprisoned soul cried at last for freedom from the prison of confining flesh and solicitous maternal care. No more did I want to dwell within the fenced garden of the senses. Yes, I cried for freedom.

Then at last the cloud of silence within me, holding Thee remote, burst, and Thy mercy rained upon me, cleansing me with Thy grace. The rising waters of Thy Spirit broke the narrow boundaries of my soul, baptizing me in Thine expanding waters of infinity.

The power of Thy flood of cosmic consciousness broke the embankments of my senses, and every little bubble of my consciousness dissolved, to be baptized in the waters of Thine omnipresence.


182. Demanding Forgiveness