182. Baptize the Bubbles of My Blood and Flesh in the Flood of Thy Grace

The cloud-born rains, the mountain springs, the blood of parents, the milk of mother-breasts, baptized me in the feel of flesh.

My imprisoned soul cried for freedom from behind the bars of fragile flesh and indulgent maternal care. Behind the steel-fenced garden of sweet senses, no more I loved to abide. Then the cloud of silence burst and Thy mercy heavily rained upon me and formed a flood of Thy grace. The rushing of Thy Spirit broke the boundaries of my soul, and I was baptized with Thine embankment-breaking, bounding waters of eternity.

The power of Thy flood of cosmic consciousness broke the enclosing fence of my senses, and the little bubbles of my flesh, blood, and being melted and were baptized in infinite omnipresence.


183. Demanding Forgiveness