183. Demanding Forgiveness

Teach me to behold myself in others. As I love to forgive myself my own faults and correct myself silently, so do Thou teach me to forgive others, and quietly suggest that they correct their faults, if they wish it so.

Through the kindly strength of tolerance, instead of the weak brutality of force, let me lead all stumbling and stubborn ones unto Thee.

Teach me to see that Thy light shines equally on good, diamond-bright souls and bad, coal-black beings. Guide Thou my understanding and powers, so that I may turn evil, dark minds into sparkling seers — that they may fully reflect Thine impartial wisdom rays.

Thou didst wipe away the soot of indifference which covered my soul, and it shines with Thy light. I know now that I am Thy child. Likewise, enable me to wash all souls with love, and to behold even the darkest souls as Thy children, as my very own — as my sleeping brothers. Thy light stays hidden even in the weakest gloom-shrouded soul and indefinitely waits to be revealed and appreciated through the power of self-effort-found-good-company. Likewise, soften me with such patience that I shall ever wait and stand ready to help all truth-forsaken souls when they wish to awake.

As even to the condemned murderer Thou dost give fresh chances to be better, in a new, unrecognizable body and in another environment on the tracts of a new incarnation, so teach us to shelter the world-forsaken wrong-doer in the haven of our forgiveness. O, Spirit, may our love’s sunshine, received from Thee, dispel the chill in his error-frozen soul!

Thou art eagerly waiting to reveal Thyself whenever the world wants to emerge from the sea of wrong-doing. Thy silence before an error-steeped world proves Thy patience and ever-ready forgiveness. Teach us not to deny our sweetness of help to those who bitterly try us with cruel wounds; but, without any self-expectation whatsoever, teach us to help others to help themselves, so that we may still learn to forgive, even though they should turn against us when we cease to be able to help them.

Teach us to forgive others who offend us most, inwardly first, then outwardly. Bless us, that we may scatter the fragrance of forgiveness, and impart sweet speech for sour exclamations, love for hatred, kindness for anger, and good for injury. Awaken us, that we may feel that even the most night-black soul is only an error-dreaming immortal. With the divinity of our forgiveness, inspire us to awaken him to the consciousness of his celestial sonhood, potential purity, and immortality.


184. Cutting Through the Cocoon of Ignorance