184. Cutting Through the Cocoon of Ignorance

I hear Thy voice, O Divine Mother, saying: “You have long remained enclosed in the cocoon of wrong human habits. Come out, before the silk-man, Death, comes to destroy you! Cut the delusive, comfort-making, silken, charming cords of habits, which hold you in their exquisite chamber of death.

“Come out! Cease being a human worm of error, sleeping and dreaming weakness. Come out of the cocoon of delusion! Grow and spread your wings of eternal power and splendor, by spiritualizing your prayers and ambitions.

“Come out! Become the butterfly of eternity! Decorate your wings of realization with nature’s infinite charms, and spread them over all space to entertain everything, everywhere.

“Fly through skies of infinity on wings of beauty, attracting all beauty-lovers toward the most beautiful. Sun-and-star-dust will glimmer on your wings; driving away gloom from the hearts you will soar past, winging your joyous way as the butterfly of eternity.”


185. I Will Hop from Eternity to Eternity