Give me holy health, but give my brothers even more, that I may enjoy my greatest health not in this little body, but in my expanded being.

Give me power, but to others give it more abundantly, that I may wield my own strength through the strength of many.

Give me wisdom, that I may make others even more wise, and that I may feel wisdom’s rays spreading out over a vast tract of shining minds. For all men are dear to me.

Teach me to behold through all eyes, to work through all hands, and to feel the throb of my own feelings in all. Teach me to feel, act, strive, earn, and especially spend for all as I do for myself.

I want my health to serve also as a model for others’ health. I want my own efficiency to turn away from earth’s door all inefficiency. I want the inner freedom that comes with wisdom, that I may enjoy that same freedom in all. May all souls, everywhere, find spiritual emancipation!


192. Teach Me to See Thine Omnipresent Spirit Suffering in the Sick