192. Teach Me to Spend For God’s Work as I Spend for Myself

Give me holy health, but give my brothers more, that I may enjoy my greater health in the greater myself.

Give me power, but to my dear ones give it more abundantly, that I may wield the strength of all minds in my united mind.

Give me wisdom, that I may make my loved ones more wise, and that I may feel its rays spreading on the vast tract of merged brother-souls.

Teach me to behold through all eyes, work through all hands, and feel my heart-throbs in all. Teach me to feel, act, strive, earn, and especially to spend, for all — as I do for myself.

I want health, to be a model for others’ health as well as for my own. I want to be efficient, to turn inefficiency away from earth’s door. I want wisdom’s freedom, that I may enjoy my liberty only in the universal freedom of all — in the spiritual emancipation of all!


193. Teach Me to See Thine Omnipresent Spirit Suffering in the Sick