201. Teach Me to Fish for All Goodness in the Net of Searchlights

A long time ago I had a mental flashlight: I played with it. Tiptoe I would quickly work it, and it would shoot a searchlight through the dark. In its gleam I would behold, trapped, many, many little golden creative-idea-minnows.

I baited them to catch bigger denizens of my consciousness. But it was dark, and the circumference of my pulling net of light was small, so many a good one slipped away.

Now, I carry a bundle of my nets of searchlights. I bought them from everyone with the precious coins of gold-spun dreams and silver songs. And with these countless dragnets of woven light, all joined together, I will sweep Thy wisdom’s ocean. Watch! I will haul all Thy spawn of unborn goodness, schools of bright minnow-feelings, golden deeds — and Thyself!


202. I Shall Ne’er Turn My Gaze Away from Thee. Make Me See That Health and Sickness Both Are Dreams