I take this sacred vow: Never will I lower my love’s gaze below the eyebrow‐horizon of my constant thoughts of Thee! Never will I turn my uplifted inner sight away from Thee! Never will I let my mind dwell on anything that reminds me not of Thee! I will disdain the nightmare of ignorant behavior. I will court all dreams of noble achievement: those of love, kindness, and understanding, for they are Thy dreams.

Though I dream many dreams, wakefully I will ever think of Thee. In the sacred fire of constant remembrance, kept ever alight on my soul’s altar, I will ever behold Thy presence with the watchful eyes of devotional love.

Thy grace has shown me that the dualities of health and sickness, life and death, joy and sorrow are but passing fantasies. I am finished with those eternally self‐canceling delusions! I am persuaded at last that there is but one abiding reality: Thy eternal, ever‐conscious, ever‐new, ever‐thrilling, infinite Bliss.


202. In the Bursts of Blue Brine I Shall Bound with Thee