202. I Shall Ne’er Turn My Gaze Away from Thee. Make Me See That Health and Sickness Both Are Dreams

I take a sacred vow! Never will I throw my love’s gaze below the horizon of my constant thought for Thee. Never will I take down the vision of my lifted eyes and place it on aught but Thee! Never will I turn my mind to do anything which reminds me not of Thee! I will abhor nightmares of ignorant acts. I will love dreams of noble achievements. I will love all dreams of goodness, for they are Thy dreams.

I may dream many dreams, but I am ever awake thinking of Thee. In the sacred fire of constant remembrance burning on my soul’s altar, I will ever behold Thy face with my ever-watchful eyes of love.

Through Thy grace, I know that health and sickness, life and death, are but dreams. When I finish my dream-story of good dreams, and awaken behind the world-painted screen of delusion, I will behold Thee as the only Reality.


203. In the Bursts of Blue Brine I Shall Bound with Thee