208. Thou Didst Reveal Thy Silver Rays of Speaking Silence

Divine Mother, I heard Thy voice in the speaking fragrance of the rose. I heard Thy voice in the lisping whispers of my devotion. I heard Thy voice beneath the din of my noisiest thoughts. It was Thy love which spoke through the voice of friendship. I touched Thy tenderness in the softness of the lily.

O Divine Mother, break through the dawn and show Thy face of light! Break through the sun and show Thy face of power! Break through the night and show Thy mooned face! Break through my thoughts and show Thy face of wisdom! Break through my feelings and show Thy face of love! Break through my pride and show Thy face of humbleness! Break through my wisdom and show Thy face of perfection!

As I called to Thee in the wilderness of my loneliness, Thou didst burst through the dawn to greet me with Thy joy. Thou didst emerge from the molten door of the sun to invigorate me through the pores of my life. Thou didst tear away the night of my ignorance to reveal Thy silver rays of speaking silence!


209. In the Temple of United Hearts