It befits not Thy lily‐tender feet to dance on the stony soil of hard hearts. On the petals of my sympathy for others may Thy tenderness dance forever.

Divine Mother, may I feel Thy heart‐throbs in my own heart; Thy joy in my happiness; Thy wise direction in all my activity; Thy Spirit in my soul.

Divine Mother, I lay all the flowers of my love at Thy feet of eternity. Oh, open wide the flowers of my budding devotion, and release Thy fragrance that it may spread from my soul to the souls of others, ever whispering of Thee.

I pray to behold my love reflected in others. In the light of that greater love may I behold Thine unveiled face of perfect compassion.

May I behold my true self in others, that I perceive Thee ever enthroned in our united hearts.
At the heart of my whispered prayers, I feel, stirring, Thy silent whispers. In the light of my burning candle of devotion, I behold at last Thy sacred blaze of perfect love.

O Divine Mother, unite our hearts as one heart, so that, on the sacred altar of united hearts, we may find Thine omnipresence enthroned forever.


210. I Pour My Love at Thy Roseate Feet of Immortality