I plucked blossoms of light from dawn’s heart as offerings to Thee. I have lighted lamps of wakefulness in the temple of my morning’s silence.

I beheld Thy bliss‐face emerge from the dark shadows of my ignorance, where it had been hidden for long aeons by my indifference. And, seeing Thy smiling joy, I know that my own happiness mirrored Thy blessed image. My heart’s tiny capacity for love mirrored Thy infinite love. My little peace of mind mirrored Thy awe‐inspiring, majestic calmness.

I will blame the fates no longer for any suffering that comes my way. Beloved Divine Mother, it was my self‐made darkness that hid the glory of our mutual love. Now I see myself reflected in Thy bliss, and know that I, too, am perfect bliss. For my own mirror is clear, now; I behold Thy reflection in it, O Thou ever-sacred, omnipresent, perfect bliss!

I pour libations of my love at Thy feet of immortality! I pour out my heart to Thee from the over owing chalice of my soul! I wash with the precious musk of my reverence Thy feet of ever-moving progress in everything.


211. All Futurity Danced in Me the Infinite Rhythm