211. I Pour My Love at Thy Roseate Feet of Immortality

Blossoms of light I plucked from the heart of the dawn as offerings unto Thee. The lamps of my wakefulness and of dawn, I have lighted in the temple of my morning silence.

I beheld Thy bliss-face come out of the shadow of ignorance, which had kept Thee hidden in my temple for aeons. And seeing Thy face of joy in the mirror of my inner eye, I know that my life’s face was made after Thine own blessed image.

In the mirror of Thy love, I have beheld the countenance of my love bearing Thy likeness.

I will blame the fates no more. Beloved Divine Mother, it was my self-made darkness which hid the glory of our love. Now, in the translucent mirror of Thy bliss, I see myself and know myself as perfect joy. And in my unwavering mirror of happiness, I behold Thee — the ever-sacred, only, perfect bliss.

I pour my love at Thy roseate feet of immortality! I pour my heart from the over-flowing chalice of my soul! I pour the intoxicating musk of my reverence at Thy ever-moving feet of progress in everything.


212. All Futurity Danced in Me the Infinite Rhythm