215. My Lost Music Sprang from the Heart of Everything

I heard the sweet, enchanted music of my life faintly in the dim bower of my dreams. Atiptoe, I listened, and the music faded ever more and more and became softer and sweeter still, until I could hear it no longer with my earthly ears.

Patiently I waited, striving to think of any music similar to the divine melody of this new music. But no, in my rich storehouse of memory I could find no likeness of the music that had come and gone like the dim ghost of a dream.

Had I really heard that music, or had I only dreamt its harmony? Was it the exquisite, real music of all my dreams, of all my aspirations — or was it but the harmonious whisper of a passing dream?

I waited. Deeply I went within. Behind the portals of all senses I fled wildly, madly, to listen once more to the lost music of my dreams.

At last, I saw shining waves of my dreams and all the dear wavelets of my cravings of earthly incarnations dancing therein. I heard many strains of heavenly melodies, but they were not like those I had once heard and lost.

Of a sudden, methought I dreamt and heard again the lost music of my soul.

I beheld every dream at once — and craved for no one music of one dream. ‘Twas then that my lost music sprang from the heart of everything — from the living heart of all my dreams.

No ear hath heard,
No thought hath held,
No love hath felt,
No dream hath dreamt,
No tongue hath told,
Can ever tell,
Of that — my beloved music.
But behind the curtains of everything—
I felt the lost-and-found
Beloved music of my soul!


216. A Million Salutations at Thy Petaled Feet, O Lotus of Light