73. Keep the Needle of My Attention Ever Pointing Toward Thee

Whether soaring with the steel eagles of the air, whirling in steam-stallion-pulled chariots, rolling on rubber wheels, or roaming in the soul-breaking home of all noises, the needle of my attention, magnetized by Thee, will ever and ever turn toward Thee.

Beaten by winds of chance, drenched in the rain of misery, wallowing in the mud of entangling activity, my life may wander in gloom-hidden tracks, yet my mind will ever be looking toward Thee.

My mind-raft, driven by storms of want, was drifting toward rocks of insatiable desire.

O North Star of our wisdom-skies, the twinkle of Thy light called me back to Thine eternal shores of contentment.

The dove of my love, whether winging through whirlwinds of destiny, coursing through bursting shells of impediments, or flying across dense smoke- screens of colossal bewilderments, must ever be attracted toward Thee.


74. Be Thou My General in My Invasion of Ignorance