74. Be Thou My General in My Invasion of Ignorance

I bled for Thy name and for Thy name’s sake I will ever bleed. With gory limbs, broken body, wounded honor, and wearing the thorn-crown of derision — yet, like a mighty warrior, I will fight undismayed through the thickest skirmish of trials.

With the sword of peace, I will smite the soldiers of persecution. My armies of Thy disciplined love, blowing trumpets of Thy name, are marching in triumph to seize the kingdom of dark souls.

I may receive blows on my lifted hands, and persecution’s wounds may be given me instead of love, but I am content to realize that Thou knowest Thy soldier’s craving to spread Thy name. I will wear my tribulations, not as scars, but as roses of courage and inspiration, to fight ignorance and conquer its darkness with Thy golden message of light.

O! Be Thou the General in my invasion of the continents of ignorance!


75. Make Me See That I Am Just Acting in Thy Super-Sense Vitaphone Cosmic Pictures