God’s Boatman

I want to ply my boat, many times,
Across the gulf-after-death,
And return to earth’s shores
From my home in heaven.
I want to load my boat
With those waiting, thirsty ones
Who are left behind:
And carry them by the opal pool
Of iridescent joy—
Where my Father distributes
His all-desire-quenching liquid peace.
Oh! I will come again and again!
Crossing a million crags of suffering,
With bleeding feet, I will come-
If need be, a trillion times—
As long as I know
One stray brother is left behind.
I want Thee, O God,
That I may give Thee to all!
I want salvation,
That I may give it to all!
Free me, then, O God
From the bondage of the body—
That I may show others
How they can free themselves!
I want Thine everlasting happiness,
Only that I may share it with others—
That I may show all my brothers
The way to happiness,
Forever and forever, in Thee.