I closed my eyes and saw the skies
Of dim opalescent infinity spread round me. The grey chariot of the dawn of awakening, Decked with lights giving subtle vision,
Came and took me away.
I zoomed through space—
Bored through the mysterious ether,
Passed through age‐hidden spiral nebulae,
And soared, willy‐nilly, on and on,
Left, right, north, south, above, below.
I found no landing.
But going into distracting tailspins
I spun through limitlessness.
I whirled through eternal banks of lights, Until, bit by bit, my chariot melted
Into that all‐transmuting flame;
My body melted in that purifying fire;
My thoughts melted in that consuming blaze— And my feelings all became pure, liquid light.


My Devotion