I closed my eyes and saw the skies
Of dim opalescent infinity spread round me.
The grey chariot of the dawn of awakening,
Displaying searchlight eyes,
Came and took me away.
I zoomed through space—
Boring through the ether of mystery.
I passed through age-hidden spiral nebulae.
Willy-nilly, I went on and on,
Left, right, north, south, above and below.
I found no landing.
I went through many tailspins of distractions,
But I spun through limitlessness.
I whirled through an eternal furnace of lights.
At last, bit by bit, my plane melted
In that transmuting flame;
And then, bit by bit, my body melted
In that purifying fire.
Bit by bit my thoughts melted—
My feelings became pure liquid light.


My Devotion