This email from Swamiji, received the night before his passing, was written to a professional young woman in India seeking guidance about joining Ananda, and how she should best serve. He gave her some general advice first, such as seeking guidance from the people in charge, either in Ananda India or at Ananda Village, depending on where she wanted to move, and leaving that choice for her to make.

Nayaswami Kriyananda

Nayaswami Kriyananda

Then she told me, “Swamiji wrote a very special paragraph which I feel every devotee so inclined MUST read, and I would love to share it with them, as I feel it is so universal, and such a powerful message.”

…Please don’t worry about having a well-defined “job description” up front. Life at Ananda isn’t a matter of the job one has, but of living for God. Offer all your talents, your training, and your love to the Guru. Serve selflessly wherever and however you are asked. Practice japa and God remembrance. The details of “where” and “what” will work out for the best when you’ve put first things first.

In Master’s love,


  1. Life at Ananda is living for God! Offer all talents, training, and love to the Guru.

    Thank you, Swamiji! Thank you!!

  2. Beautiful advice for everyone! We spend most of our lives trying to control our destiny, but when we put God and Guru first, trusting that we are in God’s hands, then our lives fall into place. No more worry because God is in charge of our lives. Thanks for sharing the email.

  3. Thank you so much Mary for sharing this most beautiful and inspiring email from Swamiji. It’s so wonderful and such a blessing to have this continued guidance from him, especially for this woman in India, but for all of us as well.

    Thank you Swamiji! Your divine love and devotion will continue to live on forever.

  4. Thank you so very much for this precious gift. I will cherish it as though he wrote it to me! Thank you and feel His Blessings flowing through now and always! your friend in Them, Brindey

  5. Swamiji, your last simple advise,means a lot, you have shown a simple path to give everything to God first. We will follow your foot steps sincerely, in my humble capacity. Aum

  6. Swami ji’s unconditional love and devotion for his guru is an inspiration. i am blessed with that sacred energy which i have felt at Ananda Gurgaon.

  7. Thanks for simplified resolution of one of the major queries of life. Thanks Mary n Pranaams Guruji.

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