This video was made years ago sharing the deeply inspired music composed by Swami Kriyananda, and complemented by his pilgrimage photos. It is one of the best ways to feel the inspiration of Christ and of Easter.

I also loved hearing again how he had prayed to Jesus for these melodies to commemorate the devotion that he had felt on his pilgrimage to these holy sites from the life of Christ. I believe his talk was from a concert that we did years ago in Los Angeles. I was present at the concert, in the choir, but watching this video made it all so present to my mind again. It is a joy to share it with all of you now, because I know many of you may never have an opportunity to be at a concert like this.

…And when I was searching for the YouTube, above, I also found this video of some friends and I singing one of the songs from the Oratorio. It is called “The Temptation of Christ.” We recorded it in July of 2011.

Voices: Aaron Atwell, Chaitanya Mahoney, Mary Kretzmann, and Latika Parojinog.

May you all be deeply blessed in Christ Consciousness,

Mary Kretzmann

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