Dear Ones,

I have been busy writing a new book: Flow through Me, (Healing through the Laying on of Hands), by Mary Kretzmann, a Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.

This month one of the stories debuts in Clarity Magazine, so I am also sharing it here, along with a short story published a few years ago in book by Asha Praver.

Stranded in the Snow, by Mary Kretzmann

“…It was a beautiful drive. I was enjoying talking quietly with my two female friends when a light rain began to fall. Soon we were going up a mountain, just as the grey light of dawn was starting to appear. As the elevation rose, the light rain changed to snow. Ascending the mountain as the snow was falling, I felt myself in a mystical time-lapse movie. The higher we climbed, the deeper the freshly fallen snow. As I gazed into the forest all around us, I said, “This experience is so beautiful that we will remember this day for the rest of our lives…”

An Unexpected Healing, by Mary Kretzmann

“…Swamiji stood with one hand on my husband’s shoulder, and the other hand on my spine. His fingers were right where the karma was lodged….”

This second story was first published in Swami Kriyananda As We have Known Him, by Asha Praver, Crystal Clarity Publishers.

I hope you enjoy these stories about healing and prayer. Please feel free to share your own insights, below, or in the comment fields of the articles themselves.
God bless you all,
Mary Kretzmann

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