Before chanting the 108 names of Paramhansa Yogananda, feel this affirmation in your heart:

“I dedicate my life to the quest for Self-realization, soul liberation, and Oneness with God! As a channel of Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings, I am to become a beacon of light for Truth seekers everywhere, thus uplifting the consciousness of humanity.”

108 Names of Paramhansa Yogananda

1. Joyous expression of Wisdom

2. Creative energy of bliss

3. Navigator of delusion

4. Divine servant of Krishna

5. Brother of Christ

6. Proponent of Truth

7. Preceptor of Pilgrims

8. Securer of the path

9. Bringer of harmony

10. Consultant of clarity

11. Generous wind of grace

12. Great shiner of light

13. Harbinger of a higher age

14. Joy incarnate

15. Perpetuator of Divine bliss

16. King of Hearts

17. Expression of Kali Ma

18. Uplifter of consciousness

19. Yogic key

20. Sacred tool of karmic release

21. Stone of destiny

22. Securer of ways

23. Wayshower of Kriya

24. Wave of bliss

25. Awakened Son of God

26. Actualizer of the Soul

27. Charioteer

28. Sojourner of God’s play

29. Yoga Master

30. Conqueror of the elements

31. Prince of compassion

32. Desirer of the One

33. Playrite of the soul

34. God’s instrument

35. Face of Brahma

36. Joyful union

37. Scorcher of foes

38. Mighty-armed Arjuna

39. Displayer of wisdom

40. Beacon of light

41. Releaser of karma

42. Bountiful bliss body

43. Love incarnate

44. God’s power generator

45. Living wisdom

46. Resplendent Divine ray

47. Divine Mother’s disciple

48. God’s messenger

49. God’s boatman

50. Calmness within

51. Dispeller of darkness

52. Beholder of trust

53. God’s grace intact

54. Patanjali’s pupil

55. Shankara’s star

56. Buddha’s purity

57. Drawer of grace

58. Facilitator of freedom

59. Healer of Wounds

60. Being of exaltation

61. Remover of obstacles

62. Shower of the way

63. Treasure of life

64. Divinity in motion

65. Humble servant

66. Messenger to seekers

67. Bridge to our Lord

68. Carrier of souls

69. Karmic annihilator

70. Sultan of samadhi

71. Beacon of hope

72. Babaji’s emissary

73. Sri Yukteswar’s spiritual son

74. Solace to the suffering

75. Christ’s commander

76. Awakener of souls

77. Truth’s final end

78. Dwapara developer

79. Exhaustless energetic dynamo

80. Guruji

81. Great star

82. Wave of evolution

83. Shower of the path

84. Unexpected hero

85. Missionary to Earth

86. Wise Sage

87. Gatherer of disciples

88. Gift to us all

89. Mentor of devotees

90. Guardian of Religions

91. Discerner of Truth

92. Devoted to Krishna

93. Unconditional lover

94. Bhakti behemoth

95. Love’s greatest poet

96. Child of India

97. Demolisher of delusion

98. Light bearer

99. Gatekeeper to liberation

100. Awake in thyself

101. Free at last

102. Conqueror of Life force

103. Annihilator of duality

104. Manifestor of Divine Grace

105. Thine always

106. Sacred tool of karmic release

107. Master

108. Child of God

The 108 names of Paramhansa Yogananda first appeared in a letter to Nayaswami Jyotish from Satyavan, Ananda Austin, 2016:

This is Satyavan from Ananda Austin, I have been on our path for about five years now and I felt inspired to share and gift some intuitive writings that occurred during Swami’s Moksha Mandir weekend that I felt needed to be shared.

Upon my first visit to [Ananda] Village I went to journal and discovered an inner voice where I wrote a short spiritual verse, in the following weeks dozens and dozens of short verses came to me, some were prayers, affirmations and counsel for devotees. I eventually wrote (more accurate would be to say I scribed) a short book, which I self-published as the Teachings for Harmonious Living book.

Upon entering Swami Kriyananda’s Moksha mandir during the dedication ceremony I felt a great energy envelope my body. It was as if I was being drawn to attention, made upright and firm in the spine. Then I heard an inner voice say with great will and power:

“I dedicate my life to the quest for Self Realization, soul liberation and Oneness with God! As a channel of Yogananda’s teaching I am to become a beacon of light for Truth seekers everywhere, thus uplifting the consciousness of humanity.”

On the previous night as Jyotish and Devi spoke I was startled to hear an inner request to write the 108 names of Paramhansa Yogananda. As an offering and a starting point for others to refine, here as best as I could perceive are the 108 names.

With deep sincerity and appreciation,

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  1. Thank you so much ! The affirmation is beautiful and reminds us not only of our commitment to the path but also our duty towards our other brothers and sisters in spirit. To reflect on 108 names of Gurudev is a joy too.
    God bless !

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