Dear God,

This has been a particularly eventful year, and it seems fitting that I should write You a note of gratitude.

My heart is very full, and words seem insufficient. I know that You don’t need my words of thanks any more than the sun needs to be praised for sending forth its rays, but for my own sake let me recognize how much love You shower on me.

First of all, thank you for this enlightened path and for the wonderful teachers You have sent. Let me thank You above all for Master and for Swamiji, who have molded my life and blessed my humble self-effort.

Thank you for Devi, my friend and life companion. What a joy and fulfilment our life together has been. And thank you for the joy that comes from our son and grandchildren.

yogananda community india of like minded gurubhais with jyotish and deviThank you, Divine Mother, for giving us so many loving friends. Everywhere we go You are wearing a different disguise, waiting for us with a warm smile and a new experience. Thanks, also, for the constant support and beautiful examples of discipleship with which you’ve surrounded us. What wonderful times we’ve had this last year: amazing food, interesting trips, and let’s not forget all the jokes and laughter.

Thank you for the many outward gifts You have given us: of health, energy, and enthusiasm. I’m grateful, too, for having sufficient finances so that we not only have enough to live simply and comfortably, but also enough to share with others and to give back to You in remembrance that You are the giver of all that we have.

I’m grateful, too, for all the tests that You’ve provided. This year, with all the travel, has been particularly helpful in stripping away so many unnecessary necessities. The constant changes have helped me drop those unwanted habits that managed to creep in, and establish new and better ones instead.

But all these outward signs pale in comparison with Your inward gifts. Thank you for the peace of mind and the expansion of love that I feel when my mind begins to become still. Thank you for the inward yearning to reunite with You and for the techniques, especially Kriya, that bring me closer with each meditation.

Finally, thank you for the growing realization that it is all You. You are playing all the parts and doing all the deeds. It is, in a strange way, You writing this note of appreciation to Yourself. As “I” mentioned at the beginning, words seem insufficient.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation,

Nayaswami Jyotish

P.S. This Thanksgiving has been particularly sweet, and writing this has been very fulfilling. You might want to write your own note of thanks to the Giver behind all gifts.

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  1. Thank you Jyotish for this 💖filling message❣️I’m so very thankful to receive these great inspirations from You and Devi🙏 Gloria

  2. Very well expressed. We join you in expressing our sincere thanks to the God Almighty for all the Gifts, He provides us every day.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful way to express gratitude to The Ultimate Giver …thank you for sharing, Jyotish Ji.

  4. Thankyou dear Jyotishji. Your letter to God is loving and inspiring, and a beautiful reminder of all we have to be grateful for. With every blessing to you, Mariananda.

  5. Thank you Jyotish ji! This is also a reminder for us too to thank the Lord and our Gurus for the blessings we receive in all walks of our life. As more awareness happens, realization dawns that without the Infinite Grace, one can achieve nothing. So God, thanks for what I achieve and when I achieve anything as you are the Doer….

  6. I am grateful to you Jyotish and Devi for your loving leadership and example of perfect discipleship.
    In Divine friendship, Kyle

  7. Thanks for the inspiring and beautiful message. Sending love an gratitud 🙏

  8. Entering the depth of Being there is only seeing that all is One. As Rumi says, Silence is God’s language, all else is a poor translation.

  9. Thank you that you made me a part of your travel.
    I enjoyed very much and wish you a Nice travel back to Ananda Village.

    in Joy, Gyandevi.

  10. Thank God that we have you as a example how to live in this time and also how to live as a true discipel

    Jai Guru Jai

  11. Thank you Nayaswami Jyotish for this beautiful letter! It fills my heart with joy, gratitude and a renewed desire to do God’s will. God has blessed me this year with an understanding of the benefits of practice and dedication. As a novice in the Ananda meditation course, I will dedicate myself to daily practice with lots of gratitude. I have no expectation of outcome, but feel your letter is a shining example of the benefit of a long journey inward. Thank you.

  12. Beautiful. Thank you and Devi for the soothing warmth you spread to others. Lots of love always.
    ~Rosy A.

  13. Thank you Jyotish for the wonderful reminder that it is God that is orchestrating our lives, teaching us to have gratitude and appreciate what is around us everyday. For it is really all God’s doing! And thank you Divine Mother for bringing you both home safe and sound!

  14. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming thank you letter !

  15. The shining inner light beats our hearts, connect us to the ever evolving universe and has never abandoned us since we took our first breath. Your words Jyotish, have so eloquently described this inner gift.

    Thanks to you and Devi, Ananda is an increasingly brilliant star on this planet. And we who have stepped onto this path, owe our inner Joy and ever deepening connection – to the eternal presence.

    God Blesses us all!

  16. Thank you dear soul for your candor and sweet expression of your love and gratitude for Divine Mother’s
    Loving presence in your life, and consequently inspiring all fellow gurubhais of the fire of Her Love, that we all possess and seek to be ever reminded of, to be rekindled in all loving hearts. In Divine Friendship, Namaste

  17. Thank you, Jyotish for all you and Devi do for Ananda. I always love to read your writings and hear your talks. I am so grateful for you and Devi!

  18. Thank you God and Divine Mother for for your unending blessings upon my soul.

  19. WOW! Simply beautiful, heart felt, and gracefully stated! Writing letters to God is something that would occur to most of us, but certainly something we should all take more practice on. It helps us develop the ability to enhance our friendship with the Divine in a more intimate way. I loved it! ; )

  20. Beautifully expressed, your words are a model for all of us to strive for. Thank you.

  21. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Beautiful! So inspiring and would write one to the Giver of all Gifts


  22. Thank you, Jyotish, and thank you God, for sending Master to me. Carol

  23. Wishing both you, and your wife Devi, a spiritually auspicious Christmas season.

    What attracted me to read your ‘Letter to God’, was the fact that you take the relationship to a more tangible level.

    Yes, practicing the presence of God and Master is wonderful, and developing the habit of consistent mantra, and inward prayer, also serve as a wonderful bridge and conduit, towards cementing a personal relationship with the Divine.

    However, writing letter’s, placing pen to paper, even cement’s that personal relationship with God once step further.

    …….Yes, and strive to make it an absolutely tangible relationship, just as you would write to your sweetheart…..

    Thank you for sharing……..

    I have altitudes of enormous respect’s in place for both you and your wife, whom is also steeping in enormous reservoir’s of devotion to God, and the Master’s.
    One last thought, With ALL the power that you hold within your content, I still enjoy listening to your lectures, simply because you season your talks with a delicate balance of power, and humility.

    May your live’s be extremely blessed for ALL that you have done for those sincere seeker’s, and soul’s who wish to reach the apex, the pinnicle of God Realization..

    May Divine Mother Bless Us All,

    Jai Guru, ……….Victory to God and Guru.


    Korry Constantino

    …..I’m currently residing in Sarande, Albania

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