Elon Musk is among a group of scientists and innovative thinkers who feel that it is likely that we live in a virtual-reality world. Their thinking goes something like this: The human race is very young in comparison to the life of the universe, and yet we have already advanced to the point where we are on the verge of creating virtual-reality worlds that can fool us into thinking and feeling that they are real. Therefore, the likelihood is that other, more advanced races, have already perfected this technology sufficiently to create a universe that seems completely real. And we are living in it. (Disclaimer: I am not endorsing this line of reasoning, only using it as a springboard for this blog.)

What is the nature of the universe? A virtual reality? vedic philosophy answersThis approach answers a number of issues faced by science today, among which is a raging debate over whether the universe was created by intelligent design or whether it came into existence through natural processes alone. One great problem with a materialistic, accidental universe is that there are a number of forces, such as gravity and subatomic attractions, that are so exacting that the universe would cease to exist if they were but 1/10,000 of a percent stronger or weaker. The explanation that some materialistic scientists give sounds more like science fiction than science: an infinite number of proto-universes all but one of which fail; our universe alone exists because, against vast odds, only we have won the cosmic lottery where all of these delicate forces are just right.

Interestingly, for those who accept a Vedantic view of reality the idea of a virtual universe seems quite natural. Simply substitute Brahma (or God) for advanced races, and maya or dream for virtual reality, and it seems quite familiar. In both views, creation is not what it seems to the mind and senses. We might think of reincarnation as the repeated playing of virtual-reality games, slowly progressing until we finally tire of it all. When our need to stimulate the senses has been sated, and we long to rest in truth, we begin to experience, as Paramhansa Yogananda described it, “an anguishing sense of monotony.” That brings us, finally, to yoga and techniques designed to free us from the game of maya.

Similar though these two viewpoints might be, there are also vast differences. What is missing from the cold, alien virtual-reality picture is a loving and caring creator. Great saints of all religions, who have experienced unity with the infinite, tell us that God loves us more than we can imagine. Furthermore, that the devotee can escape delusion only by lovingly offering the separate self back into the father/mother who dreamt us into existence.

We, and the very fabric of the atoms, are made from love and joy, and our hearts will never rest until we are reunited with that reality. How fortunate we are to have found a path that leads us out of the virtual reality of separation and into the true, unifying light of God.

In love and joy,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. We are definitely living in a computer simulation, virtual reality. The history has been changed over the past couple of years, including our anatomy and geography of the earth. Do you know that we are thousands of light years away from where the earth was located just a year ago. We used to be on the outskirts of the universe, now we are moved more inward going towards the great central sun and are not on the outskirts anymore. Sri Yukteswar talks about the great central sun and how worlds that are closer have greater spiritual awareness. Well, all of a sudden our planet has moved from where scientists like Carl Sagan has said we were located a couple of decades ago. In addition, our history is being changed every month. And our anatomy is also changed. I recommend looking up Youtube videos on the Mandela Effect and changes in our reality, changes in our anatomy, changes in our geography and changes in the bible. I believe all these changes prove our world is holographic, a simulation. And I’m wondering why if there is an all loving god why they would keep people on a planet that is filled with so much suffering. Even what Yogananda went through was suffering with his partner and law suit, as well as Kriyananda with his law suits. It seems kind of unfair to keep people trapped on a planet like this.
    I also don’t believe in some of the teachings that is taught by Yogananda disciples, as far as everything being karma. I happen to know that the air and water is being filled with nanotechnology implant devices. These devices are controlling the human race like cyborgs. I don’t believe it would be in a divine mother’s interest to have a human race that is implanted and being separated from their true consciousness with these artificial technology devices. I recommend not drinking the regular water or bottled water that is not distilled and remineralized, as most of the water is contaminated and you can only see the goo after the water is distilled. This is what is causing most of the diseases on this planet including cancers. There are other races on our planet in underground bases that are manipulating humanity and keeping people enslaved. Military is exposing this now on youtube. The youtube video “Navy sailor reveals all about Antartica Fallen Angels aliens” reveals this hidden hand influencing humanity. I believe they are the ones keeping humanity enslaved on this hell hole with so much suffering. So much suffering that Yogananda himself checked out at a young age.

  2. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Thank you for the blog
    Yes, we are very fortunate to have Master and his teachings with us that helps us get out of this virtual world


  3. Dearest Respected Nayaswami Jyotish
    I completely agree with your thoughts and explanation of the virtual reality universe but would enlightenment help us to see the real world beyond the bubble of dreams or Maya and will we be able to reach our creator?

    With love and best wishes
    Dr Dhruva

  4. Nailed it, Jyotish! :-) I’d read a long thing about Elon Musk’s new venture (computer chips in our brains), and was unsettled with some disconnect… your article points out beautifully: What’s missing is God, and love. AUM, we certainly have a place and a mission! In joy & love,

  5. Hm, how did I know early on without looking at the sign-off that this wasn’t by Devi? But seriously, a very interesting piece.

  6. we do not know enough about physics’ principles of the universe to say the universe is fine tuned for human existence. it’s just one idea. a future theory might show the different universal constants are connected so that varying one would change the other and life could still exist. We can’t use unproven scientific ideas to prove God’s existence.

  7. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish, hmm, although it’s interesting to read varied thoughts, ideas/beliefs etc. I am far more in tune with your views and as always, my soul is uplifted, inspired as well as given the ‘ feel safe factor’ and further instills the feeling of being ‘ in tune – and – at home with ‘The Infinite,’ the source of our greatest joy. Thank you and Blessed Be Jyotish and for the especially wonderful last paragraph AND – true – WOW Factor.

  8. Isn’t it incredible how the more we know now of the cosmos the more correct our masters were?

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