We are often asked, “How can I keep the peace and joy I feel in meditation during the demands and distractions of daily activity?” This is, in fact, one of life’s ever-present tests. Another way of phrasing this question is, “How can I keep my energy flowing in a positive direction, in tune with my higher aspirations, so that the world does not pull me down?”

Here are some solutions to this great challenge:

During Activity

Since we must act, let us do our best to act properly. What constitutes proper action? We can learn much from the example of great teachers such as Patanjali, Jesus, and Buddha. Indeed, the essence of all spiritual teaching is that we should act in attunement with God or His saints.

If you are unsure about a contemplated course of action, just ask, “Will this move me toward God or away from Him (or Her)?” The mere act of asking that question is half the battle. If we but ask, we will often feel an inward guidance.

Here are some suggestions for when we are busily engaged.

Pray to God during the day: before meals, before work, before interacting with others. It only takes a moment, and will keep the spotlight of your mind turned toward your higher Self.

Control what you can: Make sure that the music you listen to is uplifting. A market owner was plagued by rough characters hanging around in his parking lot. His solution was brilliant. He played classical music through loudspeakers; they couldn’t stand the uplifting vibrations, and left.

The same is true for the rough characters that inhabit the darker recesses of our mind. Drive them away with good vibrations. Keep your environment clean and colors pure. With the movies you watch or books you read, imagine that God is sitting beside you, because He is. Choose your companions wisely; good company is vital.

Use the breath to calm the mind. Before or during tense situations, keep your posture erect and take a few deep, slow breaths. It will both center your mind and give you space to act rather than react.

During Idle Moments

We have many times during the day when we are not engaged: between tasks, waiting in line, riding in a car. These are precious moments. The goal at these times is to practice the presence of God, conversing with Him as you would with a close friend.

Some specific suggestions:

Chant inwardly or repeat a mantra.

Watch the breath—you can even practice Hong-Sau.

Pray for those around you, or give them a smile and some positive energy.

Remind yourself that everyone and everything you are seeing is God alone. As you gaze about, repeat to yourself, “I see only Thee, Lord.”

Perhaps most important of all, remember to relax and enjoy the day. Life is a long and winding road, and if we don’t enjoy the ride we will end up grim and bitter.

When You’re Able to Withdraw

how to bring the peace of meditation into your daily yosemite painting with yogananda by jyotish

“Yosemite Satsang,” by Nayaswami Jyotish.

Finally, there are times during the day when we are able to be completely still. The goal during these times is to retract the life force, bringing it inward and upward. We recently read this very powerful practice recommended by Yogananda: “The great work now before you is to practice going up and down the spine, chanting Aum at each center. In that way you will gain more than by reading all the books—practice going up and down the spine and get acquainted with those currents.”

Often during the day you cannot control what is happening around you, but you can always control yourself. It is not difficult to practice any of these suggestions. The great challenge is to remember to do so during a busy day. If you forget, don’t despair. To paraphrase Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, “Even a little practice of the remembrance of the Divine will save us from dire fears and colossal suffering.”

In the light of God,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. Many thanks Jyotish

    Great and ispired article, very useful to remember.

    God bless you


  2. Thank you for the restorative messages and reminders. Many blessings.

  3. Thank you my friend, for these so important facts of Life

  4. (from Google translate)
    Good Day Jyotish,
    It’s always nice to read your messages and Devi’s, for that
    I thank you for your constant presence and your example.
    You are always present with Swaniji and Yogananda in our lives.
    With great Divine friendship

  5. Wonderful advice. I sometimes find that even before I reach downstairs after meditation, that my mind has drifted into some downward-pulling thought. Practicing the presence of God has been helpful. I also find myself imagining that Master and I have locked arms and walk out of my meditation room together, with me repeating “stay in charge”.

  6. Thanks Jyotish and Devi for your weekly Touch of Light articles. Whether it’s Jyotish’s experiences in India that changed him, or the fire story when your son was only an infant, 10-11 days old and finding brevity even in the middle of a challenge (I guess we won’t have to deal with those leaks anymore). All I am ever left with is how to keep getting closer to God throughout the day. Thanks for those gentle and poignant reminders, and even reminding me to have humor.

    In today’s writings, I’m particularly drawn to the ways you listed Jyotish to stay connected to God throughout the day, from praying to doing some Hong Sau, to even the music or company we keep. All very valuable lessons and reminders to strengthen our/my daily attunement to God, for he is always there for us! I will share this with my Ananda meditation teacher training class. Thanks for the wisdom and love during the week. Blessings and Joy to you both, Collin Curtis, Dallas

  7. Oh, did I need this today! I have an autistic teenage daughter who is full into DRAMA. It is frustrating to deal with someone whose reasoning capabilities are weak. “I see only you, Lord,” really helped me to STOP and breathe and not add to the drama. Bless you for this advice! Thank you!

  8. Thanks so much Jyotish for these precious bits of advice to stay connected.

  9. Thank you Jyotish. God is so simple, and speaks clearly through you. Grim be gone!

  10. Thank you for the inspiring Tough of Light, Jyotish. May we all become “acquainted with those spinal currents” as we follow the star that leads to Him.
    In divine friendship 🌷

  11. Thanks Jyotish ji for these wisdom thoughts applicable on daily basis.🙏

  12. One of the greatest inspirational letters I read from Jyotish. So helpful. Thank You so much.

  13. Thank you, Jyotish! These are all very good suggestions for dealing with those ever-present tests. I always enjoy reading your blogs and hearing your talks. Joy! Elaine

  14. Thank you for such inspiring messages and simple practice reminders. Very helpful indeed!

  15. Thanks Jyothishji for the great knowledge and suggestions.

    VIjay Kirpalani

  16. Your messages so often hit the target. Thanks so much for your insight and sharing with us. I am working on seeing all people as souls. It is becoming easier, and the results are that I am being treated differently.
    I read most all of the comments and am surprised that so many people were helped by your messages. What dear people you have helped, God surely works through you and Devi. How precious.
    Thanks for your help.
    George Hutchby

  17. Thank you so much for these very important tools you have provided us,to take us smoothly through this long journey of life. Only wish I’ll be able to practice at least some of these. Will try my best, to remember God through out the day.

  18. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Wow! Thank you for this wonderful guidance. Very helpful. Sincere gratitude for sharing the blog!


  19. This is the best,most comprehensive written advise for the spiritual
    path of life and a guide for all to follow,learn from and advance on
    way to higher states of consciousness,awareness and ultimately to
    enlightenment…thank you…this would also be a great item to
    place somewhere in the home where it can always be seen.

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